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Resurrection Journey
By Shan Alexander

Now available on Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble

Have you ever wondered about what Jesus did and where He went during the forty days between His resurrection and His ascension? Have you wondered what happened to the people whose lives were touched and changed by Jesus in His three year ministry?

What if we could travel with Jesus during the 40 days of His resurrection journey to meet for a second time with those people that He had healed, forgiven, and taught? What if we could see how He had changed their lives?

This is your invitation:
Join us as we travel with Jesus on His Resurrection Journey, visiting with
  1.  the woman at the well - did she change her ways?
  2. the leper who returned to give thanks - what did he do after that?
  3. the daughter of Jairus - after a 12-year old is raised from the dead, where does she go from there?
and many others, learning their names, their stories, and just how their lives changed.

Now available on Amazon.com in print and Kindle, on Nook from Barnes and Noble, and from the publisher.

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